Michael A. Olguin CEO
Michael A. Olguin CEO

Outside of the office, Michael A. Olguin is known to travel more than a Jet Blue flight attendant, bleed SDSU Aztec Red & Black, and enjoy taking his ’65 Chevy Malibu for a spin with the top down in San Diego. An avid runner, he has completed seven marathons, yet he knows his way around a nice bottle of scotch and Cuban cigar.

Michael founded Havas Formula in 1992 as a national public relations boutique agency. A senior strategist with more than 30 years’ PR experience, he is equally versed in driving B-to-C and B-to-B programs for clients across consumer, lifestyle, high-tech, consumer technology, sports, entertainment, and travel categories. In addition to serving as Havas Formula’s leader, Michael expanded the agency’s offering with the creation and supervision of specialty divisions Havas FORMULATIN, Havas ATTN, Havas Trust and Havas Street, which offer Hispanic PR, social media and brand activation services, respectively.

Overseeing a nationwide staff of more approximately 200 employees in six offices—New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Denver and Miami—Michael splits his very full days across client strategy, leadership team management, and growing the agency through new business development. He is frequently featured as a PR expert in trade and business publications ranging from PRWeek, Ad Age, AdWeek, Entrepreneur and Inc., and as a speaker at industry events including PRSA International Conference and Hispanicize. Through Michael’s leadership and direction, Havas Formula has earned numerous awards and accolades for both client campaigns and agency success.

Mia West Senior Vice President
Mia West Senior Vice President

Built of a curious nature, Mia isn’t deterred by things like getting lost it in the Andes, often filling her free time with hunting for antiquities or simply turning down alleys just to see where they lead. A former roller derby queen, she still enjoys physical challenges like gloving up for nine rounds of boxing and things on wheels, aka her ’65 Chevy Nova. And no adventure is complete without Wayne, her trusty St. Bernard and Bulldog mix sidekick.

Mia has collectively been with Havas Formula a decade, working closely with both emerging and internationally recognized sustainability, wellness, food and beverage, mobility, tech, travel and lifestyle brands to engage and win with key audiences. Over the years, she has had the good fortune of collaborating with brands such as Electra Bicycle Company, KEVIN.MURPHY, Norwegian Cruise Line, Bosch eBike Systems, Jaguar Land Rover, Dr Pepper and Heathrow.

Getting her start in public relations at Havas Formula (2001-2004), Mia served as the former PR director for a division of Procter & Gamble Beauty before launching her own boutique firm, West PR, which specialized in lifestyle brands such as Petco and All Across Africa.

Jose Gonzalez Associate Director
Jose Gonzalez Associate Director

When he is not hunting for the next big social media video trend and memes on TikTok and Instagram, Jose enjoys outdoor sports, hitting the gym and the beach, drinking at least 3 cups of iced coffee per day, and trying different restaurants around the city with his friends. Jose started his adventure in the communications industry in 2014 after deciding to switch careers and moving from his native Puerto Rico to the big city to pursue a Master’s Degree in public relations and corporate communication at New York University.

Jose joined Havas FORMULATIN as an intern working with a variety of clients within the travel, lifestyle, multicultural, consumer, and food spaces. During his time with the team, he has worked in the New York and Miami offices. Gonzalez is also known as a boomerang employee since 2021. In his time at Havas Formula, Jose has been able to support and mentor members of his team while continuing to grow solid relationships with clients across divisions. He also plays a key role in account management and strategy for programs.


Our strategic approach can be broken into eight service areas that enable us to create powerful stories about your brand and its products/services. Our intention is to create an emotional connection with target consumers at a time and place when it is most important to them, allowing your brand to achieve relevancy and differentiate itself from the competition.

Person writing date on sticky note Brand Insights

Using primary and secondary research, including our proprietary research panels, we uncover actionable insights that drive strategic thinking and recommendations.

Brand Strategy

All of our programs are anchored in insights-led strategies so that every activity and key message ladders back to your brand’s master narrative.

Brand Exposure

Earned media sits at the center of all of our programs as we look for ways to keep your brand front and center across the right media outlets—online and offline—that matter most to your target audiences.

Claritin commercial image Brand Influencers

In order to penetrate the national morning shows, top-tier print press as well as online content channels, we identify and partner with the right influencers who are both media-savvy and connected.

Hand interacting with mobile device Digital Influencers

Utilizing a hybrid of established relationships and state-of-the-art social listening tools, we identify and cultivate relationships with the right digital influencers who use their voice and authenticity to drive referral, awareness and word of mouth.

Digital Conversations

We have the full in-house capability to handle your social needs soup to nuts, from daily content and channel management to larger strategies meant to disrupt today’s social continuum and drive fanaticism.

Football field. Symbolizing strategy Brand Activations

Our in-house Street division handles large and scalable experiential events, stunts, sampling programs and more, so target audiences can experience your brand in ways that drive awareness, trial, purchase and loyalty.

Brand Partnerships

We identify the right brand partners and build relevant, buzzworthy collaborations that make your marketing dollars work twice as hard.

Over-the-shoulder image of a video editor in our content studio Brand Building

We roll up our sleeves and get creative to help raise your brand’s profile in the marketplace.

Image of a tablet laying on a table ( a device where digital commerce occurs). Thought Leadership

Leveraging your C-Level/subject matter experts, we ensure your brand is the one media turns to when industry input is needed

Research Panels

Havas FORMULATIN utilizes three proprietary research panels to access keen insights into key vertical target consumers. Each panel enables us to better understand motivations, buying habits and brand knowledge, which we leverage to develop comprehensive public relations programs.

Latinos 2.0
We have developed a research database consisting of more than 1,500 vetted Hispanic women that we call Nueva Latinas, which we utilize to better understand how this elusive female consumer thinks and feels about various brands.