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Heineken targets Millennials for Indio brand

WHITE PLAINS, NY: Heineken USA has kicked off a campaign targeting acculturated Hispanic consumers for its Mexican beer brand Indio.

Heineken is launching the beer in the US after a study by Telemundo showed that a “very specific” group of Millennial Hispanic consumers is not being targeted by other beer-makers, said Felix Palau, VP of marketing for Heineken's Tecate and Indio brands. Indio originally launched in Mexico in 1893 with the name of the last Aztec emperor, Cuauhtémoc.

“The Millennials are basically acculturated Hispanics that are very influential to the rest of the Hispanic community because they are fusing their Latino background with their everyday urban lifestyle,” said Palau.

After evaluating its brand portfolio, Heineken launched Indio in California and Texas this month because the brand carries the values that “alternative Hispanic consumers” find important, such as heritage and nationalism, he added. It will launch Indio in Chicago in July.  

Heineken is conducting a multifaceted PR program to reach Hispanic audiences in the US, said Palau. The company is leveraging nontraditional “out-of-home” locations to raise awareness of the brand, such as putting murals and stencils in urban areas, he said. The content for the campaign uses “Spanglish,” a mix of Spanish and English, added Palau.

Heineken is also planning to connect with targeted consumers through events showcasing music and bands from Mexico along with Indio in an “organic” way, said Palau. Its PR AOR Formulatin and media buying agency MediaVest will help to launch events, he added.

The company is also focusing on using brand ambassadors to reach the Hispanic community, he said, adding that it will select these representatives by market.

Palau explained that the brand's target demographic “uses the internet to keep connected and shares a lot of their experiences with other Millennials,” which is why Indio will launch a Facebook page in the next month. The page will engage consumers by keeping up with trends within the Hispanic community, he said.

In addition to Facebook, Indio is conducting “blogger-to-blogger” and “blogger-to-consumer” efforts. The company will create events for both English- and Spanish-language music and lifestyle bloggers, such as Galeria Alternativa, Austin Vida, and Urban Latino, to “bring the Indio spirit closer to them,” explained Palau.


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